Tuesday, 27 March 2012

3 Policemen rape 16years old girl

Three policemen-former Insp. Dantalle Muhammed,Yusuf Ibrahim, Mahmuda Muhammad, were convicted in Kano State on Monday for abduction, conspiracy and rape. Am wondering why rape is becoming very rampant these days.
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The Kano State High Court on Monday convicted and sentenced three policemen for abduction, conspiracy and rape of a 16-year-old girl in 2011.

The policemen were former Insp. Dantalle Muhammed, who was convicted on three counts  of abduction, conspiracy and rape and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in addition to a fine of N100,000 for rape.

He was also sentenced to eight years in prison for abduction with a fine of N50,000 and six years in prison with a fine of N50,000 for conspiracy.

The other convict,  former Insp. Yusuf Ibrahim, was sentenced to 14 years with a fine of N200,000 for abduction,  eight years and a fine of N100,000 for conspiracy and  six years with a fine of N50,000 for rape.

The third convict, Mahmuda Muhammad, was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for rape.

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