Thursday, 22 March 2012

Cheaper from Accra than Lagos???

Am still not sure why they are doing this to Nigerians,but business day investigations have shown that Nigerians are made to pay 76 percent higher fares  for flights departing from Lagos and Abuja to Europe, than for flights departing from Accra , Ghana , to Europe. Ghana is a far smaller market than Nigeria, so the price difference is not justified at all!!!!!  What do you think?  Is this right?

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Foreign airlines are ripping- off Nigerians, as they make them pay over 76 per cent higher fares, for flights departing from Lagos and Abuja to Europe, than for flights departing from Accra , Ghana , to Europe , BusinessDay investigations have shown.
Analysts say there is no justification for the huge price difference, as Ghana is a smaller market than Nigeria, and that it is expected that smaller markets should attract high fares, on account of higher operational costs.
Leading economist and chief executive of Financial Derivatives Limited, Bismarck Rewane, told BusinessDay: “ Ghana is a smaller market and so I don’t know the justification for the lower fares from Accra “.
But other analysts attribute the anomaly to the differences in airport charges, aviation fuel costs and business environment, in the two cities on the West Coast of Africa.
The distance between Lagos ( Nigeria ) and Accra ( Ghana ) is a 45 minutes flight, which costs only N70,000 return ticket. Nigeria ‘s biggest airline, by fleet size, Arik Air, charges a combined fare of about N769,000 on the Accra-Lagos - London- Lagos - Accra route.
But the difference in fares charges lower fares from Lagos, than from Accra . Accra-Dubai- Accra, is N668,957.3, while Lagos- Dubai – Lagos , is N471,540.

This indicates that fares offered in Accra are over 76 percent lower than fares offered in Lagos, for trips of 40 minutes difference. For instance, the cost of upper class on Virgin Atlantic Airways, from Accra to London , is N385, 000, while it is N821,000 from Lagos , for flights scheduled the same day and the same time.Also, the cost of a first class ticket on British Airways, from Accra – London – Accra, is N773, 798, while Abuja- London- Abuja is N1, 081, 977 and Lagos – London- Lagos, is N1,365,998.
 Culled from Business Day

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  1. don’t agree that all foreign airlines are “ripping” the Nigerians with 76% extra fares. There are good as well as bad guys everywhere in the world. Definitely you have had bad experience with some fraudulent company. Fortunately, I never had that bad experience although I have traveled Lagos so many times. I always got flights to Lagos and from Lagos to other destinations. I always took care of thing and that was, to make sure that I book my flights through ATOL and IATA covered travel agency like Reliance Travels UK etc.