Saturday, 24 March 2012


Saw this on bellanaija and tot i should ask it here too, cause sincerely it could be rily annoying and knowing WHY wont be such a bad idea-

"Why do  guys at times give the impression that they want something or someone when they really don’t? Why do they enjoy leading girls on? Do they not realise that it really hurts when they take girls for a long ride only to find that they just want to be friends? Do u guys do this on purpose or are the ladies just too quick to presume that men want more than they really do?"  Pls your sincere answers would be totally appreciated.


  1. In my opinion, its the other way around, havent you heard of the "friends zone" term?

  2. I think guys r just heartless and dont care what happens. They just love playing around

  3. i fink dat they need someone to be around them at every given time.They hate been alone so they lead the girl on till they find anoda one they fink it suitable for them without caring about the girls feelings!!! Well they are not feelings oriented