Sunday, 22 April 2012

Anne Hathaway’s Dramatic Weight Loss

Hollywood Star Anne Hathaway has undergone a drastic weight loss for an upcoming film titled  'Les Miserables'. The 'devil wears Prada' star is said to have plummeted to about 115pounds, which has caused her face to look drawn and gaunt, her collarbone and Clavicles are jutting out through her pale skin.
Doctors fear it would take a devastating effect on her health.
The 29 year old is looking more sickly rather than sexy. The star who is to act a prostitute in the movie had to also cut her hair short.

When i saw the pic i had to wonder just how far should an actor or actress go to  act a movie? When should a celebrity know when to draw the line on what he or she can or cant do? Or should they just keep taking parts just cause of the money and fame that would be attached to it?   What do you think guys? :-)

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