Sunday, 22 April 2012

Burned Chinese boy left without a face to have surgery

A Chinese boy left trapped behind a mask of scar tissue after a fire burned his face and hands off is to get the first of a dozen operations to try and restore some of his features.
Wang Xiaopeng has an almost featureless face after the horrific accident two years ago. His parents spent all their savings and took out loans to pay for three months of treatment but cannot afford to pay for any further surgery.

People around the world were shocked to read of the young boy's plight and called for a fund to be set up to help him.
The five-year-old has been without hair, lips, eyelids, and toes since an accident in November 2010. He went up in flames after he accidentally set light to some corn stalks near his home in Yinchuan in China's Ningxia Province.
His parents rushed him to Ningxia Medical University General Hospital where he managed to pull through. However, he was left severely disfigured and the couple could only afford to pay for three months of treatment for their beloved son.

They spent their life savings and sold their house and land to cover the 150,000 yuan bill - equivalent to around £15,000. They now live on a tiny plot of 0.2 hectares.
His father Wang Yougiu, 32, earns just £200 (2,000 yuan) a month as a dairy farmer, while his mother Zhengwei Xiu, 30, is a housewife.
Xiaopeng's injuries make it difficult for him to see while all of his fingers were amputated from the second joint.
He does not go to school, as no schools will admit him, and he only has a few friends who have got used to his appearance.
Now at last there is good news for the young boy after Journalism Without Borders set up an appeal to pay for his medical care.
Culled from DailyMail

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