Monday, 30 April 2012

Dropping Babies – Another of India’s Bizarre Ritual

It is a religious ritual in the world’s 2nd most populous country. It is a unique expression of their devotion to their gods and with the high mortality rate of children in India, they resort to spiritual rites which they believe will help them solve this societal predicament.

Hundreds of people turn out to this annual event and it is believed to be practiced by Hindus and Muslims. They drop babies from a religious shrine as high as 30 ft. and a group of 14 – 15 men standing right below are holding a blanket to catch the baby. As a the baby bounces back, another devotee will catch the little one and hand to the mother.
 It will take several minutes for the baby to recover from the shock.
Really guys what do you  think about this? Would their god really request this to be done to a child?

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