Thursday, 5 April 2012

'Home Alone' actor apperance generates Concern

This former child star has recently set tongues wagging about his health and general well-being when pictures of him looking rather gaunt and sick surfaced on the internet.

Macaulay Caulkin, 31, is the famous child star, whose role in the Hollywoodblockbuster 1990 comedy, ‘Home Alone’, made him one of the most globally recognized celebrities of the 90s.
Some have claimed that his emaciated look is the result of habitual drug use, and worry that the fate that befell singer Amy Winehouse, who died of a booze binge in July of 2011 at 27, may just await him.

Sad, and i used to really like him. Continue to see Amy pics

Young Macaulay

Amy Winehouse before

Amy  Winehouse later

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  1. He's meant to be fine...look at how he luks like Imbecile. Na wa.