Thursday, 5 April 2012

"I’m not sure Sophia’s kids are Mine" – Nollywood director Tchidi Chikere

Am not so sure how true this is, but i stumbled on this on nollywoodGossip.
An interview with Tchidi Chikere.

We heard you are divorcing your wife. What happened?
Yes it’s true. I need a woman that will stand by me and love me for who I am and not for what I am.
Are you saying that Sophia wasn’t that woman?
She is not truthful.
How do you mean?
She has a skeleton in her cupboard. What I need is a good woman in my life, a woman that’s ready to sacrifice and not a pretender. I am not sure the kids are mine.
We heard you’re living now with Nuella Njubigbo and that she is pregnant for you. How true is that?
Na waa oh, you heard? Who told you that…?
(Cut in) The same way we learned about your divorce. So are you living with her or not?
I’m not living with Nuella…and what sort of question is that?

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Is she pregnant for you?
What do you mean by that? Please stop these questions!
Now that you are single, many girls will want to be in your life. Do you have anyone in your life at the moment?
No I don’t have anybody. I told you I want someone that will love me for who I am.
How will you know when you find that person?
Through cross examinations.
Will you still have kids with the woman or are the ones Sophia has for you enough?
I will still have kids with the woman my heart pleases.
How about Sophia’s kids, will you still be taking care of them?
That should be my own concern and I don’t want to discuss that with nobody.
We are really sorry you guys are passing through divorce.

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