Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Jay-Z Launches Facebook Game " Empire"

Jay Z has launched a new facebook application called Empire. Although currently in beta form, the game will allow players to "live the dream" and mirror his climb from former drug dealer to hip-hop mogul.
    The game lets you create a character and give it a dope name.  Empire begins by giving you a slew of ways to earn points and move up life’s ladder. You can visit your mom or significant other for moral support, engage in a rap battle or make a mix tape for street cred, and get a job to pay for your bling, among other activities.Earned points help you move out of the projects and into the “hotspots of the rich and famous” in Manhattan.
   “Make the right choices and the World belongs to you. LIVE THE DREAM,” reads a prompt early in the game.
   Empire also features several ways to invite Facebook friends to play or share activity on your Timeline.
The game is just the latest Jay-Z venture to make waves online.
So what do you think of it guys?

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