Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The woman who claimed She Made $544,000 Selling Pure Water

The ongoing trial of persons who were said to have helped themselves with about N14.5 billion Pension Fund is gradually turning dramatic in the court in Abuja. 

I hear one of the accused persons, Mrs. Veronica Ulonma Onyegbula, has told investigators the $544,632 (about N82 million) found in one of her companies, Ulover International Resources Limited, was realized from selling pure water which the company produces.
Mrs. Onyegbula stated that the company which was situated in Umuahia, the Abia state capital belonged to her mother whom she said suffered stroke seven years ago and later made her a member of the board of directors to enable her handle the finances of the company.

Na wah o! Are they selling golden pure water in that company? And this company is even located in one of the "average" states in Nigeria, Abia State.

Anyway, the drama continues on Tuesday at the court. May be the men will tell us that they made their own millions from tourism. Lol! With Nigerian public officials, any thing can happen.

Culled from - Olufamousblog

But seriously wot is the possibility of making $544,000(converted to naira it is approximately 85,788,805.44 NGN) from selling pure water.
What do u think?


  1. it is very possible of its her company making the pure water

  2. true
    havent you heard, pure water business makes a lot of money these days

  3. lol rickross grunt