Thursday, 17 May 2012

50 Cent Hospitalized; Talks Surgery & Stomach Virus

50 Cent is sick at the moment and in the hospital.  He tweeted pics of himself in the hospital last evening.
And from his tweets he may have to undergo surgery.

His Tweets:
“I’m in the hospital but my gangsta grillz LOST TAPE is done so it will be out on time...Do not do a @djdrama gangsta grillz this is all I get. Ain’t this a b*tch. I give 15 tracks you give me this.”

Pls continue to see his other tweet and to get more info about the illness

He later tweeted:
"I don’t want to go into surgery @FloydMayweather call my phone why your phone off."

Drama reports it's a stomach virus of sorts:
“First they wanted to keep it quiet, but he’s not a quiet guy,” said Drama about 50, who is collaborating with Dram to put out his 'The Lost Tape' gangsta grillz mixtape on May 22. “He should be cool. It’s nothing that serious. We still gonna do our promo run stuff [Thursday].”
Get well soon

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