Sunday, 13 May 2012

Drake Disses Rihanna In His New Single

Drake and Rihanna were rumored to be romantically involved for just a short period of time, but it seems like she made a lasting impression. In his latest track called “No Lie,” the “YOLO” singer takes a couple low blows at Rihanna, according to
Here are Drake's lyrics-
“She came through, she brought food / She got f—ed, she knew wassup / She think I’m the realest out / And I say ‘Damn, that makes two of us’ / Oh that look like what’s her name / Chances are it is what’s her name / Chances are, if she was acting up / Then I f—ed her once and never f—ed again / She could have a Grammy, I still treat that a- like a nominee / Just need to know what that p—- like so one time, it’s fine with me.”
Both Chris and Drake hinted that Rihanna has a tendency to sleep around with the biggest names in the rap industry. 
Although Drake doesn’t name any names, he hints he’s talking about Rihanna by mentioning her Grammies, her hit song “What’s my Name?,” and the fact their their romance was short-lived.
Ehya...first Chris Brown now Drake. 
What do you think guys?

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