Friday, 18 May 2012

Group Tells Jonathan To Make Same-Sex Bill A Law in Nigeria

Civil Society Organisations have called on President Goodluck Jonathan to sign Same Gender Prohibition Bill 2011 into law without further delay.

Addressing a press conference in Lagos, Coordinator for Project for Human Development, Mr. Jerry Okwuosa, who read the conference text, said homosexuality and lesbianism were taboos in Nigeria.
He said laws were made in consonance with people’s values, stressing that it was suicidal to import alien practices and lifestyles into Nigeria and to seek to impose them as laws in the name of observing international obligations.

Am so happy Nigerians are taking this stand on this recent madness. What are your thoughts on this people?
According to him “The only way to avoid chaos in a society is for the legislature to make laws that accord with the values and aspirations of the people. The average Nigerian regards homosexuality as a taboo,” Okwuosa stated.

He said an express outlawing of gay union would put a stop to the incessant demands for the legalisation of gay unions and gay practices in Nigeria.
He also urged Jonathan not to assent to the National Health Bill 2008, saying it was anti-life and against Nigerians. He said Section 51 of the NHB aimed at legalising the manipulation, aggression and violence against Nigerian children.

Okwuosa said the activities were morally and socially objectionable and a cause of serious conflict and strict regulation in developed countries.

He said, “The life of millions of Nigerian embryos should not be placed at the mercy of a written permission from a health minister for whom, let’s face it, it would be difficult to resist the manipulation and financial pressures of his sponsors.
“It is thus imperative that the President should not sign away our life and the life of the unborn Nigerians by assenting to NHB 2008 until it is thoroughly purged of its anti-life content.”

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  1. same sex being 2geda is d wrk of d devil....

  2. i hope it never gets to nigeria

  3. wot marvels me abt dis tin is d pastors that r supportin it

  4. why should it b imposed on country dat dont want it!!!!!!!!
    The citizens over dere in America might like the idea but we over here dont fancy it at all.
    they should leave us alone naaaaaaaaa, na by force