Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart To wed?

Still not certain how true this is but news has it that ,Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart will wed as soon as the ink is dry on Jennifer's divorce from Marc Anthony. 
Lopez, 42, “is telling friends she wants to marry Casper,” a confidant tells US. And that she can barely wait until October, the earliest her divorce from Marc Anthony, 43, could be official. 

The mom of twins Max and Emma, 4, wants another baby – pronto – says the insider. “Frankly, she doesn’t have all the time in the world,” says the source. But it’s not just about a baby. Says the pal, “she’s certain she wants to be with Casper forever.” 

The singer already knows what it’s like to wake up to Smart every day. The 5-foot-8 dancer has practically moved into her L.A. home and even sits in on her business meetings. “He provides what she hasn’t had in years,” says the Lopez source. “He’s very supportive and devoted.” His attention to her kids only adds to his appeal. “She wants to have a traditional family,” says the Lopez source. “She loves how playful he is with them.” 

Indeed, Smart – who brashly asked for her digits while dancing in her “Papi” video last August – has “made her feel young,” says the Lopez source. Even better, unlike Anthony, he lets her call the shots. “He exists only for her,” says the confidant. “Marc controlled her, and now she’s in control.”

Na wah oh!!! Really guys what do you think of this? Will a marriage such as this last?

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