Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Jennifer Lopez Headed For Heartbreak???

OK is reporting that Jennifer Lopez's much younger lover, Casper Smart, has alerted his friends that he intends to dump the star by the end of the summer. 
The cocky 25-year-old dancer — who reportedly receives a whopping $10,000 per week in pocket money — has promised the smitten diva that he's up for wedding bells and babies. 
But behind the scenes he's telling pals a completely different story, insiders say. "He sees Jennifer as a passport to the big time but says he has no intention of staying with a woman who's already 42," says one source who knows the couple. "Jen isn't even his type." 
     Lol...Dont know if i should believe this. Do you think its true guys? 

Sources say Casper revealed his intentions to compatriots on a recent trip home to Anaheim, Calif., where the chiseled playboy hails from. And while the 17-year age difference is playing a part, those close to the hunky hoofer and wannabe actor say the media swarm surrounding J.Lo is really what's driving his decision to drop the diva this summer. 
"Listen, he had a blast in the early days, but now the whole J.Lo circus is starting to wear him down," a pal says. "He's completely over being a boy toy — it's humiliating for him. He feels emasculated, and he can't wait to be his own man again. It wouldn't be a surprise if he does what he's threatening to do and finally dumps her." 
But those close to J.Lo say they can see through that, and note that since he's been with the American Idol judge, his main focus is to launch his movie career — and is using J.Lo to make those dreams come true.

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