Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Kenyan Soccer Fan Stabbed To Death After Manchester Match

Police are looking for a football fan who stabbed to death a young man after they fought over Monday’s televised football match pitting two English teams.
Mr Stephen Oluoch, 24, who was struck with a knife at the back of his head, was described by friends as a staunch football supporter and had watched as Manchester United lost a season-defining match to arch rivals Manchester City.
The killer left him lying in a pool of blood, about 10 metres from his house, at Nairobi’s Mbotela estate.
The incident happened a few minutes to midnight (Monday) in the final minutes of the match that ended 1-0.
It started with a heated argument, according to neighbours who overheard them, then degenerated into an exchange of abusive words, followed by a fight before Mr Ochola yelled for help.
Neighbours who rushed to the scene found him dead.
Sad, I wonder why guys love football so much. Can any guy out there help me out? What exactly is it about football makes most guys go 'crazy'?

Moments earlier, Mr Oluoch had been watching the match, which was broadcast live on TV, with his cousin Vitalis Ochieng’, together with about 20 other soccer enthusiasts at one of the makeshift cubicles at the nearby shopping centre, where local youths meet to watch matches.
His cousin told the Africa Review: “He had been following Manchester United matches on TV. It was towards the end of the second half when Steve walked out and a few minutes later, I received a call from a neighbour. He asked me to rush home. Steve had been stabbed.”
Football fanatic
Neighbours told Mr Ochieng’ that the deceased had been overheard arguing with another man over the match before he started screaming for help.
“I abandoned the match and rushed home. I found him lying on the ground. He had lost a lot of blood and was motionless. We sent someone to call the police,” he added.
The assailant was identified as a distant relative of the deceased and has since gone missing.
The assailant, according to Mr Ochieng’, was a football fanatic, and often cheered whenever the English teams games were broadcast on TV.
Local police commander Atuti Moturi said: “We are looking for him because we have a witness who said the killer told him he had killed somebody. He did not believe it immediately until the following morning.”
The rooms made of rusty iron sheets where the local youths meet to watch football have been christened Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge or The Emirates, depending on which team those who patronise the joints support.
The youths have given the names after the English clubs stadiums, with Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal being the most supported teams in Kenya.
When the Africa Review visited the area Tuesday, a small black board hang on a locked door, advertising Tuesday’s Liverpool vs Fulham match at 9.45pm Kenyan time.
Monday’s game was played at Etihad stadium, Manchester, UK.
Culled:Africa Review

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  1. dis is 1 of the reasons y i am not a fan.....fanatics