Thursday, 3 May 2012

Lagos recruits new Doctors to Replace the Striking Ones

Sincerely don't know what this country is turning into. According to the Chairman, Lagos State Medical Advisory Committee to the State Governor, Dr. Ore Falomo   “More than a quarter of the new doctors are being recruited to replace those on strike and NYSC medical doctors should be assigned to emergency services.”

Dr. Falomo accused doctors of using the on-going strike as a perennial tool to express their dissatisfaction at the expense of the lives of the patients.He also said, the striking doctors had violated the Hippocratic Oath that guides the medical profession.
“The oath states that a doctor must avoid the death of patients irrespective of their grievances or socio-economic status and also finish every medical procedure they have started on any patient.” he said
Falomo, further urged the state government to put in place measures that would prevent future strikes by doctors without proper consultations.

He also disclosed that as a disciplinary measure, the salaries of striking doctors would be withheld while doctors on active duty would be compensated.

Really guys i would love to hear what you think about this. Is this right? I thought this was democracy and the people are free to express themselves... right?

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