Friday, 4 May 2012

Liberace's Former Lover Claims Relationship With Michael Jackson

     Liberace's former live in lover, Scott Thorson claims he had a passionate affair with Michael Jackson. 
Scott Thorson, recently shared private details of his five-year romance with the late Michael. He claimed he and the King of Pop shared an intimate, sexual relationship in the eighties. 
"Michael and I had a relationship that... would cross the boundaries," Thorson reveals in an exclusive sit down with ET's Christina McLarty. 
"That's about all I'm comfortable saying… We were both young." 
While he concedes that not many will believe that he and Michael were lovers, he says that the two became unlikely friends while he was dating Liberace. After a period of friendship, their relationship blossomed into more. 
Thorson details his tumultuous relationship with the King of Pop and more in "Behind the Candelabra: My Life with Liberace", a book he wrote in 1998 which is currently being adapted for the big screen featuring Matt Damon and Michael Douglas. 
    I wonder why everyone cannot just leave this guy to rest in peace. Do you guys believe this?

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