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Linda Ikeji Twitter Interview By Ynaija

Famous blogger Linda Ikeji joined YNaija Twitter interview this week to discuss her beginnings as a model, blogging, criticism, and a lot more. Check out the full text below.
@YNaija: @lindaikeji Welcome to the #YNaijaInterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaija Thanks for inviting me…
@YNaija: @lindaikeji Let’s go to the beginning of the brand Linda Ikeji, from modeling days to date. How did your journey begin? #YnaijaInterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaija i started modeling b4 I entered Uni. after my uni education, i started my own modeling&events coy, then discovered blogging in 2006
@lindaikeji: @YNaija the first modeling casting i went for in 1998, i actually tot it was a beauty pageant.didnt know the difference. #Ynaijainterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaija there were over 300 girls at d casting and they wanted only 20 girls.without prior modeling experience,i was picked #Ynaijainterview
@YNaija: @lindaikeji were you a huge fan of any models at the time? #YNaijaInterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaija erm, no! I didnt really know what modeling was about then. I’d seen fashion shows but had no particular interest. #Ynaijainterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaija and contrary to what some pple think about my modeling career, i was actually one of the best models in my time #Ynaijainterview
@YNaija: @lindaikeji  so how did you learn the basics of the business? #YNaijaInterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaija the casting director for the first show i did told me I was a natural. i walked well, had a nice figure back then #Ynaijainterview
@YNaija: @lindaikeji How long did you model and why did you decide to quit? #YNaijaInterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaija from 1998 to 2006. I quit after i started my company.I’d done it all at the time and wanted to be behind the scenes #Ynaijainterview
@YNaija: @Lindaikeji Modeling is notorious for having a dark side, did you have any experience with that? #YNaijaInterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaija dark side in Nigeria?  nope, didnt experience any of that. #Ynaijainterview
@YNaija: @lindaikeji what was your dating life like back then? #YNaijaInterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaija hahaha. uneventful! 
@YNaija: @lindaikeji you dated Dan Foster for a while. What made you connect to hiYNaijaInterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaija next question please 
@YNaija: @lindaikeji  . So you ran your business for a while but eventually closed it. Why?
@lindaikeji: @YNaija i havent really closed down my business..i’m just no longer in charge, so i can face blogging full time #Ynaijainterview
@YNaija: @lindaikeji you recently blogged about hard times right before you started blogging. What were you feeling at the time? #YNaijaInterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaija i was a hustler just like a million other youths out there. I wanted a better life for myself so i worked hard #Ynaijainterview
@YNaija: @lindaikeji what was it like, that first day you blogged? #YNaijaInterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaijai knew it was d beginning of something great.i didnt know where it wud lead or how far i’d go but i knew 2 put my all#Ynaijainterview
@YNaija: @lindaikeji what did you want out of the blog? #YNaijaInterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaija nothing really. just for pple to enjoy my stories and share their views.i started d blog out of passion for writing #Ynaijainterview
@YNaija: @lindaikeji the comments on the blog can be quite vicious. Where do you draw the line? Do you think you should?
@lindaikeji: @YNaija people don’t know this but i delete alot of comments,especially when commenters start 2 reveal personal details #Ynaijainterview
@YNaija: @lindaikeji some feel that your blog has been a negative influence in general. How do you respond? #YNaijaInterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaija they are free to feel the way they want. I focus mostly on people who think positively. i didnt start blogging. #Ynaijainterview
@YNaija: @lindaikeji is Linda Ikeji the blog separate from Linda Ikeji the person? #YNaijaInterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaija I am Linda Ikeji.Bits of my personality show on my blog but I’m not a scheming,evil B like some pple think.I’m actually a nice 
@YNaija: @lindaikeji does it hurt when people attack you personally? #YNaijaInterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaija i’ve developed a thick skin.after blogging for five years, i’ve heard it all, so nothing bothers me anymore #Ynaijainterview
@YNaija: @lindaikeji you have been v. open about your life (FGM, sexuality, hard times) on the blog. Why share so much of yourself?
@lindaikeji: @YNaija because that’s who i am. i’m very open. I’d rather share than keep it to myself #Ynaijainterview
@YNaija: @lindaikeji do you want to make the blog more “serious”, like get an office, staff? #YNaijaInterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaija eventually i plan to. but for now let me enjoy my money alone, biko  #Ynaijainterview
@YNaija: @lindaikeji it’s been said it is wrong you profit off of the dirtier side of life. is that a correct assumption? #YNaijaInterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaija yeah, i heard u said it  but I didnt invent blogging, news or gossip…there’s nothing dirty about sharing info #Ynaijainerview
@YNaija: @lindaikeji but people ignore that you talk quite a lot about societal (esp women’s) issues. How do u balance the 2 sides? #YNaijaInterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaija people dont ignore it, they actually know. and appreciate it #Ynaijainterview
@YNaija: @lindaikeji what makes you happy on a day to day basis outside of “work”?
@lindaikeji: @YNaija my family. the beauty i see around me. my money. hehehehehee *joking* #Ynaijainterview
@YNaija: @lindaikeji what’s your next big thing? Anything in the works? #YNaijaInterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaija the next big thing is to find a husband  #Ynaijainterview
@YNaija: @lindaikeji Finally what is your favourite blog? And what is your secret love? #YNaijaInterview?
@lindaikeji: @YNaija my favorite blog is LIB. my secret love? helping people
@YNaija: @lindaikeji Your blog doesn’t count!  #YNaijaInterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaija ok, Bella Naija
@YNaija: @lindaikeji You’ve been a star. Thank you so much for featuring in our #YNaijaInterview
@lindaikeji: @YNaija u are welcome. Thanks
Courtesy: YNaija!

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