Tuesday, 15 May 2012

New Technology That Can Turn ANYTHING Into a Button

Touching a doorknob with this kind of gesture could set a 'Come In Quietly' message

Disney normally associated with talking animals, princes and princesses, and objects which have come to life with a tough of magic. T
he magical wizards at Disneyland have unveiled a high-tech solution which can turn anything - from doorknobs to buckets of water - into interactive buttons.

Wow...pls continue to get full gist
The technology, called Touché, can be used in almost any object imaginable because all it needs is a single electrical wire embedded into an object, and then a wired or wireless connection back to a controller. Once that has happened, your bed can tell if you are sitting or lying down, your doorknob can tell by your grasp if you want it to lock or not, or your sofa can pause your TV if you stand up - or you could turn the volume up and down by running a finger up your arm

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