Thursday, 10 May 2012

Nigerian Military Unveils 277-Man Anti-Boko Haram Special Force

 The Nigerian Army has just graduated a 277-strong anti-Boko Haram and terrorism Special Forces, a top military brass at Defence Headquarters told SaharaReporters in Abuja yesterday, expressing confidence that the military is capable of overcoming Boko Haram, the dreaded Islamic military sect.

According to a senior officer, the new forces comprise 40 counter-terrorism officers and men; 18 officers and 11 soldiers; three officers and 7 Air Force men, and one leading Arm of the Nigerian Navy. There are also 106 Nigeria Defence Academy cadets; 21 Ranger/Special Warfare Instructors; and 49 specialists in Special Warfare.

He affirmed that contrary to the bashing and criticism of the Nigeria Armed forces in tackling the Boko Haram insurgency and terrorism attacks, they are up and doing and will soon successfully contain the sect despite challenges.

Pls continue to watch video of training and to read more

He said that their military might and strength are enough to overcome the insurgency, but that the trend towards enhancing their capacity will continue.
What is needed now, according to him, is sincere cooperation from members of the public [concerning] where [the terrorists] are hiding and planning their criminal acts against Nigeria.

He said, “I am doing this deliberately to prove to you that we are not what you think we are, based on how arm chair critics have been using your medium to be attacking the military, [seeing] nothing good in our serious commitment. Today we have done with the Special Forces; we trained 40 counter terrorism officers and men, 18 officers and 11 soldiers, three officers and 7 air force men, and one leading Arm of the Nigerian Navy. We have 106 cadets of NDA. 21 of Ranger/Special Warfare Instructors, 49 in Special Warfare.”

To underline his seriousness, he promised SaharaReporters pictures and video footage to demonstrate his seriousness, stressing that what is left is for the public to cooperate and volunteer information.
“These people are not living in the sky; they are renting apartments in our society and leaving usual life,” he said. “Let [the public] be reporting such unusual activity and you will see how the fight will be accelerated. I am doing this deliberately and out of our discipline and practice, because I am angry with what I used to read about us by Nigerians in your medium.”

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