Thursday, 17 May 2012

NYSC Members Delayed April Allowance – FG Promises to Pay on Friday

The worries of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members across the country over the late payment of their April allowances may soon be over as the Minister of Youth Development, Mr. Bolaji Abdullahi, has assured that their delayed allowances would be paid latest on Friday 18th May, 2012. 
He gave this assurance yesterday following the outcry by corps members over the delay in the payment of their allowances.
Hopefully FG would keep their promise this time around.
According to Mr. Abdullahi, the delay in payment of allowances to corps members was due to the transition to a new accounting system. However, he blamed the NYSC authorities for failing to explain the cause of the delay to the corps members.
“The problem is that at the point that the allowances are being delayed, the NYSC ought to have come out to explain to the corps members why the allowances will be delayed.”
Abdullahi said the delay was not unique to corps members alone adding that some civil servants in the employ of the Federal Government were also affected by the development.
“The delay in the payment of corps members allowance for the month of April is not deliberate. It is as a result of the transition to the new and better secured integrated payroll payment system, as part of government’s commitment to transparency and accountability.”
“Besides, the delay is not unique to corps members but also affects some civil servants in the employ of the Federal Government.”
Corps members around the state have been agitated over the late payment of their April allowances with some of them shunning their places of work in protest. In some states, Corps members started what they call ‘Occupy NYSC’ movements, staying away from their duty posts, awaiting the payment of their ‘allawi’ as it is fondly called.
A few days ago, news went viral that the Federal Government hasn’t paid corps members allowances and monthly state allocations because it was cash-strapped. This further agitated the corps members. However, with this declaration by the Minister of Youth Development, hopes have now been raised as corps members across the country wait eagerly for tomorrow.
 Source: Punch News

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