Friday, 11 May 2012

Poo Wifi – A Machine That Exchanges Dog Poo for Free Wifi

 Mexican Internet portal Terra has teamed up with ad agency DDB to create something that would motivate people to actually pick up their dogs droppings. After some brainstorming,Internet portal Terra alongside ad agency DDB  came up with- Poo Wifi, a machine that offers a free wifi connection in exchange for dog poo.

It works this way, after they’ve picked up the droppings in a plastic bag, people can drop the bags in a special box on top of the machine, after which the machine offers a number of minutes of free WiFi, depending on the weight of the poo.

Obviously, large dog owners will get more free WiFi, which makes sense since their dogs’ droppings are the messiest.

lol...What do you think guys? Would this work

You’re probably thinking Poo Wifi will never work, because people will just throw rocks or whatnot into the machine, tricking it to get a few minutes of free wifi. I don’t doubt some people would resort to this, but luckily each Poo Wifi machine comes with a hostess that hands out plastic bags to pet owners, and also keeps an eye on what goes in the machine box. They do allow bags of trash though, because any kind of junk that goes into Poo Wifi means the people can enjoy a cleaner park.
Time will tell if Poo Wifi actually makes people more responsible, but it’s definitely one of the most ingenious projects to come out in a while. Their video is also pretty cool. I particularly liked the part where a guy is actually massaging his dog’s belly hoping he’ll poo so he can send a quick email.
If all else fails, they can always call Doody Calls, and they’ll take care of it.
via Discovery News 

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