Friday, 4 May 2012

Why Do Guys Like Bad Girls???????

Really guys what's up? Why do you all prefer dating the bad girls and leave the good ones wondering just what they did wrong? I read this somewhere and was wondering just how true it is-

"Remember when we were told to stop playing games and just be ourselves? Scratch that. It's now all about how to act the part of the bad girl to snatch the guy. Here's how to play
A bad girl is like a skilled fisherman. She lets the bait dangle close to the fish’s mouth, then she pulls it away. Then she lets it dangle, then she pulls it away, with the soft to-and-fro of the current, until the next time the fish sees the bait, he can’t help but swallow it, hook, line, and sinker."

How true is this guys? Are the good gals just not 'good' enough for you? Plsssss  your comments and views on this would be most appreciated. 
Thks :-)


  1. To start with deir's no such tin as a gud gal

  2. lol..i tink bad gals increase d thrill of d 'chase', n dts exactly wot a guy wnts