Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Woman Kills Her Daughter With Hot Water For Crying Too Loud

7-week-old Emilio Bautista (pictured) died due to severe burns on Saturday after his mother, Chekayla Dampier, (also pictured) held him under scalding hot water because he wouldn’t stop crying, ABC Action News WFTS-TV reports.
Baby Emilio‘s burns were so severe that his left nipple peeled off when doctors removed his shirt in the emergency room. He sustained burning to his head, chest and arms. The temperature of the water was as high as 142 degrees. Baby Emilio lived for 12 days until he succumbed to his injuries.
Officials said Dampier confessed to placing her son underneath the scalding water because he wouldn’t stop crying.
Family and friends of the teen said she was a single mother with a history of problems.
Chekayla has been charged with Aggravated Child Abuse with Great Bodily Harm. She is being held at the Pasco County Jail on $150,000 bond.
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