Sunday, 3 June 2012

10 killed as Cargo plane crashes in Accra

Yesterday (2nd June,2012) a Cargo plane crashed into a bus of 10 passengers killing all 10 people in Ghana's capital city Accra.
The crash occurred in Accra near Kotoka International Airport, which sits near newly built high-rise buildings, hotels and the country's Defense Ministry. Witnesses said the plane first smashed through the fence that runs around the airport before hitting the bus. According to Billy Anaglate, spokesman for the Ghana Fire Service, 10 of the bus passengers were killed while the 4 crew members of the plane survived and were receiving treatment
He said: "What happened is that the Allied (Air) Cargo plane, actually I was told, was traveling from Nigeria to Ghana. At the landing it was short of the boundary, and it went off onto the road side. It crashed into a bus that was bound for Accra,"

Witnesses said the plane was labeled as belonging to Allied Air Cargo, a fact confirmed by Anaglate. The name and symbols on the aircraft matched those of the Nigerian air freight company based out of Lagos. Telephone numbers for the company in London, Lagos and the Nigerian city of Port Harcourt rang unanswered Saturday night.
...... how unfortunate

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