Thursday, 28 June 2012

18 killed in Ugandan Land slide

No fewer than 18 people were killed in the Ugandan Landslide which occured yesterday(26th June, 2012), with about 9 injured, and countless people missing

Heavy rains sent rocks and mud crashing down on the villages in the mountainous district of Bududa on Monday, about 275 kilometers (170 miles) northeast of the capital Kampala. At least 15 homes were destroyed, said Catherine Ntabadde of the Uganda Red Cross Society.
"Last night district authorities requested all people in high risk places to move to a school that we are using as a primary camp," Ntabadde said Tuesday.

No bodies have been recovered due to the heavy debris that has buried some of the victims 100 meters deep, Ntabadde said. Additional equipment is expected to arrive in the remote area Wednesday to assist in the excavation.

"People are a bit reluctant to move until an incident like this happens. People want to stay near their homes and find out what happened to their loved ones and their belongings," Ntabadde said.
Last year august, about 40 people were killed in a similar landslide in Uganda, also in 2010, one occured that killed at least 87 people.
Wow what is happening in Uganda?? Shouldn't they have done something about all these??

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