Friday, 8 June 2012

K-Solo finally speaks

Ace producer and musician Oyeniyi solomon A.K.A K-Solo has officially released his side of the story
to E-Punch stating that he has never laid his hands on his wife
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Quoting E-Punch, the K-Solo said “I have worked hard all my life and I make money, enough to sustain myself and my family. I am also from a very comfortable home. I am the last born of seven children and my late father left properties for us. Beside that, I am a hardworking young man and what I do – production and singing – foots my bills. Ask the people I have worked with in this industry, they would tell you money has never been a factor for me."

"The woman who is alleging that she has millions, somebody should please help me ask her what her source of money is. What does she do for a living? There is so much that people do not know about what transpired but when the time comes, or when push comes to shove, I will be forced to say my own side of the story. I just want people to know for a fact that I am not a wife batterer because all my life, I have lived with women (I am the last and only boy in seven children) since I can remember. I have dated women in the past, and I didn’t beat them; why would I start with her? She said I threw a washing machine at her; am I the Incredible Hulk or Jack Bauer that I would just pick something as heavy as washing machine and throw it at someone, not just anybody, but my wife. Too many lies.” he added

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