Sunday, 29 July 2012

WoW just Wow

Range Rover Evoque cost
Ok a friend and I got into an argument about this Range Rover Evoque car,
First of all you should know that this car is called a "Cross-Over SUV" similar to the BMW X6 and the Honda Cross-tour amongst others.

Well, The picture above is the cost of the car according to Yahoo Autos, I put in full option, meaning that the car cannot get more expensive than this. and it totalled a wooping $54,895 which is about 8.5 million naira.The car has a starting price of about $40,000 BTW well, now that's the official price.
Now look at how much it's sold in Nigeria
Range rover evoque cost
I had to search online for that. The car above is not new but second hand, and this is the cheapest price I found the car to be. Some other sites have the price as much as 25million Naira.
I dont get it, why would you add as much as 10million extra to the cost of a car that is less than 10million?
If you did not already know, the Range Rover(the one that's just Range Not Sport) is the most expensive range rover model, and its official price is about $75,000 and $94,000 with full option, which is about 11.5 and 14 million Naira respectively...the car above is the cheapest brand, and it's selling for 14million naira???

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