Sunday, 22 July 2012

Dame Patience Johnathan Calls for constitution to be amended

I know this isn't new but what??Like really who are the people ruling this country? Lets be sincere we have stupid people, first they made this woman a permanent secretary, next they named a road after her, now she wants them to pay her money as the ex-presidents wife
This doesn't even make sense, after making money from where you are not supposed to you now want them to continue paying you?? Ok here's the thing I'm asking...what is the duty of the presidents wife?

Pray for our country because while all these things are happening, they are still going after how to make more money from us. Ignoring totally what is really happening.
Ok read the story tho...

"The wife of the president, made this call against the backdrop of the plans to amend the nation’s constitution. 

Speaking in an interview with journalists yesterday in Yenagoa, shortly after her swearing in as a Permanent Secretary along with 18 others in Bayelsa State civil service, she said it was regrettable that the Office of the First Lady and others belonging to other wives of political office holders were not recognized by the constitution. 

She said in view of the signicance of the roles played by the wives of political office holders their offices should be recognized to enable them have benefits at the end of their husband’s tenure. 

Speaking on her new appointment, the wife of the president said it came as a result of her position as a civil servant way back in the old Rivers State. 

She noted that she was promoted to the level of a director in the Bayelsa State civil service, some 13 years ago.

Declaring that her appointment was justifiable and not in any way peculiar, she said some public and civil servants  in the country had been promoted while serving in government.

Her words:   “I want to tell  Nigerians  to be patient."

During the time of His Excellency, the former Head of State, Gen. Abdulsalam Abubakar, his wife was a Judge  throughout  his tenure .During the time of former Governor of Rivers State, Dr. Peter Odili, the wife was a Judge .

The wife of the Governor of Adamawa State is a serving judge.

When the former Minister of Information,  Prof. Dora Akunyili was in government, she was promoted as a Professor in the University.

When Prof Jerry Gana was a Minister of Information , he was promoted to the position of  a Professor by his university.”"

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  1. Like I don't Understand myself, what is this world turning into?