Sunday, 22 July 2012

My take on the BatMan Launch Saga

Ok you should have heard by now of the Man who killed about 12 people at the international premiere of the Dark Knight Rises movie at a movie theater, claiming he was the Joker. Well it so happened that a day before the international premiere I was in an argument with a friend that there is too much violence in DC Comics releases, for example in their cartoons they show deaths.

Ok maybe you might never have noticed but in most cases, unless the movie is a horror movie, they just happen to skip the parts of deaths, example: remember Marvel's Avengers, now how many people did you see dying in the movie??

It so happens that at scenes where deaths are to occur they manage to not show it, your mind would register that someone died, but they did not show you.
This is not the case with the Batman movies and other DC related movies/cartoons...Now lets even be sincere, if people died like that in reality Who would still be alive?? little wonder why the man who killed those folks claimed he was the joker...(well there were so unfortunate that there was No batman to save them)...
Incase you dont know what happened click here

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  1. thats because the movies were made for matured minds....and the comics for Kids and adults who cared to watch.