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A new writter to abloggslife (@siji_b) has decided to write a review for us below

Forbes recently released its prestigious list of Hollywood’s highest paid actors in the preceding year (from May 2011 to may 2012).

 This year’s list features some of the biggest and well knows stars from Hollywood. Although Tom Cruise will be having serious meetings with his lawyers concerning his divorce but there’ll be plenty to smile about with his accountant as he tops this year’s list with a whopping $75million. He has starred in some of the biggest movies of the year, as the disappointing rock of ages did little to blight his earnings. Tom even manages to surpass the next two entries with an amazing $38million which are the funny man Adam Sandler and Leonardo DiCaprio who make $37million each. Some of Hollywood top male earners couldn’t make the much coveted celebrity power list like Sacha baron Cohen and Mark Wahlberg who come in 6th and 9th respectively with $30million and $27million.
Actors Ben stiller and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson come in 4th and 5th with $36million and $33million.  It’s not hard to see why these two rake in such huge amounts. By starring in such big movies like GI-joe , Fast and furious and journey to the centre of the earth, The rock won’t be returning to the ring in a while. As for Ben stiller being one of the most successful comedy actors of all time hasn’t slowed him down a bit as he continues to star in high grossing movies like Madagascar which has grossed over a billion dollars since its release.
There are other actors worthy of note like will Smith whose latest movies MIB3 hasn’t done badly at all, grossing over $600 million since its release adding to Will’s total of $30million. Not to be outdone by his colleagues Johnny Depp comes in 7th $30million too. Johnny’s movies have being huge successes over his career and even with the box-office flop dark shadows. That did little to deter his star appeal and bankability.
Closing the list with $26.5million each are the twilight co-stars Taylor lautner and Robb Pattinson. The two popular stars haven’t done badly for themselves so far in their short careers, even trying new roles like Taylor in Abducted and Parttinson in water for elephants. With little success in both ventures, the question that remains is if they will revisit this list for years to come after twilight? 

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