Monday, 16 July 2012

Nigerian Women are the most Unfaithful in the world

A recent survey by Durex (I'm sure most of you know what they do yea?) has revealed that Nigerian Women are by far the most unfaithful in the world with about 62% of them admitting they have/and are cheating on their partners.

The Survey involved about 29,00 people from 36 countries. According to the survey, Thailand men were the most unfaithful with 54% of them admitting to cheating on their partners followed by south Korea and Malaysia with 34 and 33% admitting to cheating respectyively.

Following the Nigerian Womn were theThailand women with 59% of them admitting, 39%  of MAlaysian women as well as 33% of Russian womn.
Another survey conducted in Africa by AE confirms this fact that our country Nigeria with a population of over 150milliom people have the most unfaithful women.
Now guys look at your partners chances have it that she is cheating and...from my calculation 3 our of every 5 Nigerian women are cheating...

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