Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Ok My Question

Ok I have this question for you guys....Do you find it ok for all our "Dedicated Christians" to be in relationships?? Like come on, what's the point, in my own opinion, I think its hypocritic of them to be in relationships...Like what do they seek in it??

Ok the bible speaks against sex before marriage, so why should they even bother going into relationships, they can just be really close friends. Now lets also not forget about what Jesus said about sinning in our minds. So technically kissing is also not ok.
Ok your opinions count sha so drop at the side-bar, and if you wish to comment feel free, Thank you.


  1. I don't see anything wrong *James

  2. You are right, but however how are they supposed to get married

  3. So if you are correct, Our men of God did not have relationships with their wives before marriage?? think again @Adam

  4. Well Adam because they did it doesn't make it right you know...that's even why i put up the poll