Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Welcome back

Ok before i start....I would like to say my weekend was cool....Yea
HAPPY CONVOCATION to the recent Covenant University Graduates...Get ready for the Outer world..:)
Also FYI...Some of you eagerly looking forward to your NYSC, I would like to tell you, IT AINT ALL THAT, its stressful and most companies would want to use you...;)
Yea also I need to tell you this, you can only do your NYSC in a government establishment...So Good luck to all the future TEACHERS..;)
Yea and I use this opportunity to apologize for my absence.
Yea one more thing,as part of our apology for our absence, we would be giving free credit for the next 10 people that follow the account @abloggslife, all you have to do is follow the account and tweet "#abloggslife"then the credit would be DM├ęd to you...easy...;)

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