Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Toddler dies, 17 others Injured in house explosion

House explosion at Long Island New york

Investigation is going on about the cause of an explosion that brought down a house on Long Island, New York., killing an 18-month-old baby and injuring another 17 other people.

Rah-quan Palmer died in the blast that sank his family's home on Prospect Drive, Brentwood some minutes before noon on Tuesday(14th August). Palmer's mother (Christina Morgan) aged 23, and his father (Rashamel Palmer) aged 28, remain hospitalized along with their tenants (Calvin Harris and 
Irving Justiniano) aged 23, and 63 respectively.

Patricia Salegna-Maqueda, A state farm Insurance Agent who had been assessing a recent claim submitted for flooding, and a plumber Michael Ray, were also injured in the explosion.

Eleven people outside the house also were injured, including seven police officers, two firefighters and a mother and son who lived next door although their injuries were minor

Neighbors described a chaotic scene.

"One of them came out, and his clothes were all ripped, his face was all bloody," said Anthony Acevedo. 
"The mother of the baby that came out, she was bloody and crying, and she kept screaming, My baby's in there, my baby's in there."

Another woman, Dawn Paris, who lives a mile away said the explosion even shook her house.

Frank Catalano, a worker with AMS Restoration and Environmental Services said that a pipe had burst in the house last week, causing a flood.

"There were issues in the house," He said. "The condition wasn't the greatest."

The house had been illegally converted into a rooming house with at least eight rooms, which were being rented for $300 a month, said Inez Birbiglia, a spokeswoman for the Town of Islip. The owner of the house was issued 10 summonses for code violations in September 2011 and was given until this October to bring the house into compliance.

The cause of the explosion is under investigation. Authorities say two 200-pound propane tanks were discovered in the debris and are investigating if the propane may have contributed to the explosion.

National Grid spokeswoman Wendy Ladd says it appears natural gas was not used in that house or on the entire block.

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