Saturday, 26 October 2013

Fela did Perform in his underpants

Fela Performing on stage

Well Hello people..
Long time

So yes.. Would like to add to the burna boy controversy,
Saw on bella Naija that Seun Kuti said on his bb that Fela Anikulapo-Kuti never performed in his pants on stage after the whole burna boy insidence at Fela shrine during the Felabration Read Here.
Well anyways I had to do my researches and well it appears that either Seun Kuti does not know much about his fathers' performances or well...
More pictures after the cut

More Pictures of fela performing in his underwear


  1. First of all you never lived with him. I belive his son should know him better than that of the research you a picture only a fool or someone who has never lived in 9ja would agree that the picture actually looks like he was on stage. Come on please give your readers a resonable research.... Cheers ;) xoxo

  2. Dumb skull that's not a stage or are you a learner?

  3. Someone always have something negative to say about blck people. White peole are the minority of the U.S. right now and I gez they jealous or whatever butyou make no sense. And if you are black then you should be ashamed of yourselves tlaking about your own people. How do we know it's not ur dirty behind on that stage with your bhind out of your drawls?

  4. whats the name of this performance?

  5. Either on stage or in his house, he still performed nude for the whole world to see. What would you have done as a Felas relative after his demise of not to clothe him with some decency by saying he never performed on stage nude.The bottom line is he performed in his under pants for the whole world to see