Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Mysterious Circles #Winnertakesearth

So there's been so much buzz about the Mysterious circle. Well it all started on the 21st October at Rio de Janerio Brazil where a hologram of mysterious elements which look like balls were shown on the mountain where the statue of christ the redeemer is situated then at an Amateur pitch in the UK then in New York City.

Well while we may not have to be scared that Aliens are coming..LOL...(or even if they are, if they couldn't destroy a football pitch, they aren't gonna kill us), it's still worth knowing who or what is behind the mysterious circles.
It's an advertising campaign, and I can tell you that they are successful because they have everyone's attention obviously...and they have only visited five nations Including Italy(Juventus) the UK(Chelsea stadium and amateur football pitch) Brazil(mountain at Rio) the USA(NYC), and Germany(Bayern Munich stadium).
Watch Videos after the cut

Now the big question is Who are they????
ok it is worth knowing that a website has been setup by "whoever they are" at http://www.mysteriouscircles.com
Now I just had to lookup the site, well I eventually found out that the website was registered with private registration service so it is impossible to find out who exactly owns the website. But I can confirm two things and I would give my reasons

1. The website is run by a Korean company who just happens to be using samsung servers

2. The website is run by whoever it is that is running these campaigns

Above is the website

Now for the first my reason is that After I looked up the site (Image below), the servers of the site happen to be in Korea and was opened on september 1st long before the events and as you can see, the nation it is in is KR(Korea) and also the servers are red.samsung.co.kr and green.samsung.co.kr which happen to be samsung servers. I am not saying that it is a samsung campaign tho..
Ok lol it's samsung, like c'mon, the three stadiums visited just happen to have sponsorship deals with samsung?? Check Here (Juventus), Here (Bayern Munich) and Obviously they have their names on the Chelsea football kit.

Now the for the second, the reason is simple

By the left here is Franz Beckenbauer who was a football player and coach both at Bayern Munich, in Stamford Bridge (Chelsea Stadium) on the 27th during Chelsea's match against Manchester City with one of the mysterious men.

Below is a video of him on the youtube page associated with the website telling us that aliens are coming and they play football.

Now let me pretend here that I don't remember Samsung's Slogan for their flagship phones "Made for humans" which gives us the impressions that there are Aliens (I'm not saying there aren't)

Ok Watch the Videos below

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