Friday, 17 January 2014

Introducing SureGifts

SureGifts is an online gifting solution (who offer gift cards from various merchants) with the aim to become the largest online gifting solution in Nigeria.
below is their press release 

Suregifts to redefine gifting in Nigeria.
Suregifts is a new internet-based start-up that hopes to stimulate the gifting culture in Nigeria with the introduction of Gift Cards. It is the first coordinated effort towards providing a gift card solution that is truly simple, intuitive and customized to the Nigerian market. To use Suregifts, you simply browse through several filters like occasion, location, gender and price etc. and narrow-down the merchants featured. You then select your favourite merchant and view several location images, as well as additional description and customer reviews of the merchant’s business to help make your buying decision. Next, you select the preferred gift card denomination, decide the mode of delivery and add a special message to the recipient if you choose. Once purchased, the recipient receives the beautifully designed gift card either via e-mail or at a physical location, and they can redeem at the giver’s chosen merchant. The generic Suregifts gift card can be redeemed at any partner merchant, and all Suregifts Gift Cards don’t expire.
The existing solutions out there offer prepaid debit cards that must be used over point-of-sale devices. These cards are expensive to make, purchase and ship, and they do not appeal to recipients who do not want just another ‘ATM card’ in their wallets. These cards are not personal or intimate enough, not redeemable at the best locations, and they lose their expected utility as an alternative to physical gifting because they mimic cash transfers with their debit card properties.
Suregifts’ founders have extensive experience building e-commerce businesses like Jumia Nigeria, and they have partnered with some of Nigeria’s biggest and most exciting brands. According to them, “sometimes, words are not enough to express just how much you celebrate, appreciate, regard or love someone. Here at Suregifts, we make the art of gifting simpler but richer. For the sender, we offer the luxury of convenience. You don’t have to struggle to figure out the most ideal gift; neither do you have to go through the hassle of picking it up, wrapping and delivery. It’s all in a click of a button. For the recipient, get ready to free your storage room of undesirable gifts. We know it’s the thought that counts, but it won’t hurt getting that thing you’ve always wanted instead! We take the guesswork out of gifting.”
Merchants on Suregifts cut across fashion stores to maternity and children stores, online stores, restaurants, spas and services like painting and photography. For those who still want some control over what the recipient gets and when, Suregifts also offers a Gifts Specialist Service. You simply select the value of the gift you’ll like to give and a Gift Specialist will call you to help you decide. Once you’ve mutually agreed on the ideal gift, they will source for it, pick it up, wrap and deliver to your intended recipient at a specified date and location.
Suregifts intends to be the home of gifts in Nigeria and the first destination for any gifting consideration.
You can use this discount voucher SUREGIFTER1 when you place your first order.
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