Friday, 2 May 2014

Introducing the New Call Of Duty Game: Advanced Warfare

Call Of Duty, The Popular Activision First-Person shooter Video-Game franchise has recently released the trailer for it's next video game: Advanced Warfare
Now incase you did not notice earlier, the trailer features heavy scenes from Lagos, Nigeria as well as from San Francisco, USA.
The game (tho looking similar to Microsoft's recently released TitanFall), features futuristic weaponry and technology and has American Actor Kevin Stacey (Who plays as theHead of a Private Military Corporation) as the Lead Antagonist.
Kevin Stacey COD
Kevin Stacey: Lead Antagonist in the New Installment

The Trailer comes out earlier than should have been expected, as the Game is scheduled to come out November 4th, 2014 (The period when most other COD franchises come out).
Continue to see more and trailer video

Abloggslife: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Pics
You know what impresses me is actually the fact that they got great detail on how Lagos looks, even tho it's just the island, it's something yea
Abloggslife: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Pics
Here, You can see The golden FirstBank of Nigeria HQ, Marina Lagos
Abloggslife: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Pics
More pics showcasing Lagos
Abloggslife: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Pics
A pic from what looks like the lagos Island end of the Third Mainland bridge
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