Friday, 19 September 2014

N500,000 Offered For Information Leading To Meth Lab By NDLEA

Photo Credit: mirror uk
NDLEA's Sule Momodu, who is the state commander in An am bra, announced an offer of a 500,000 Naira cash reward to any person(s) who could come forward with information that will lead to the discovery of a hidden Meth Lab in the state.

He mentioned how a package of the illegal drug that was meant for export out of the country was intercepted and had its origins traced back to Awka in Anambra state.

Tips toward finding out the location of the illegal lab include:
Keeping an eye out for any deserted buildings, especially if they are only used during the night hours.
Taking note of any unusual and strong offensive smells in a particular location. And
Looking out for unnatural withering of leaves (which is caused when waste from the Meth production process are dumped).

Any member of the public coming forward with information is assured of annonimity and safety.

Meth which is short for Methamphetamine is a neurotoxin and potent psychostimulant. Although it has been, in some few cases, used to treat ADHD and obesity. It has fast become a recreational drug which can elevate the mood, increase sexual desire, improve concentration, and increase energy levels when taken in smaller dosages. In higher dosages it induces psychosis, and cerebral hemorrhage. It is also highly addictive and may have some other negative side effects depending on how pure it is.

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