Thursday, 18 September 2014

Police and Military Torture Methods Revealed In Shocking Amnesty Report

Photo Credit: Chijioke Ugwu Clement
Amnesty International has revealed some very shocking details about the inhumane torture methods which the Nigerian Police and Military have adopted to force confessions out of detainees. The 53 page report which includes testimonies and evidence that has been gathered for over 10 years reveals how detainees are denied communication with family or access to lawyers while they are subjected to repeated abuse.

 The report which is titled "Welcome to Hell Fire": Torture and other ill treatment in Nigeria gives detailed accounts of various torture methods employed by the police and Military which include beatings, starvation and sexual assault.

One shocking account by Abosede (aged 24) reads “A policewoman took me to a small room, told me to remove everything I was wearing. She spread my legs wide and fired tear gas into my vagina… I was asked to confess that I was an armed robber… I was bleeding… up till now I still feel pain in my womb.”

Netsanet Belay, Amnesty International's Research and Advocacy Director was quoted saying "Torture happens on this scale partly because no one, including in the chain of command, is being held accountable. Nigeria needs a radical change of approach, to suspend all officers against whom there are credible allegations of torture, to thoroughly investigate those allegations and to ensure that suspected torturers are brought to justice.”

He also said “Our message to the Nigerian authorities today is clear – criminalize torture, end incommunicado detention and fully investigate allegations of abuse, that would mark an important first step towards ending this abhorrent practice. It’s high time the Nigerian authorities show they can be taken seriously on this issue.” 

Download and read the full report here.

"Welcome to Hell Fire": Torture and other ill-treatment in Nigeria (PDF)

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