Saturday, 11 October 2014

Angry mob cuts off man's penis with butcher's knife after rape attempt

A 40 year old Indian man was attacked by an angry mob in the city of Ganganagar after attempting to rape a teenage girl. He was found pinning the girl against a wall in an alley after locals heard her screams. The locals then took laws into their hands and first beat him for a while.

Afterwards he  was dragged into a butcher's shop where his penis was cut of with a butcher's knife or meat cleaver. He was then dumped in the street alongside his severed penis.

Many locals refused to offer any help to his as the notices his severed genitalia was as a result of punishment for rape crimes.

The man, identified as Suresh Kumar, was eventually taken to a hospital and remains in critical conditions while the  girl recieved counselling and is being treated for shock.

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