Saturday, 18 October 2014

Breast billboards cause over 500 car accidents in one day.

A mobile advert featuring a woman's Breasts has been blamed for causing over 500 car accidents in Moscow. The ad which was placed on the side of trucks was deployed about the city by 30 ad trucks.

owners of the trucks, AdvTtruck, put out the Breasts to gain attention to their ad method which is an alternative to placing ads on public transport vehicles.

The advert features a larger-than-life sized pair of Breasts and a Russian text which translates to "they attract". They certainly did attract, and Distract!

Drivers across Moscow went to the agency's website to express their outrage. A spokesperson for the agency promised compensations for affected drivers who weren't covered by insurance.

I wonder if AdvTruck will come up with any crazy ads targeting the female population.

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