Saturday, 11 October 2014

Can you be comfortable with 300,000 NGN per month entry-level salary?

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Ok so there was an argument on twitter concerning whether a N300k salary was a little too small or too much for a graduates entry-level salary.
Now I would like to see if I can take part in this discussion seeing that some of you would soon finish with your NYSC and should be starting your job-hunt.

Let's not forget that in Nigeria, the minimum wage is about 19,800 NGN.
Also, let's take into account that the average private school graduate in Nigeria would have spent about 7million Naira in total on university tuition alone (Now this amount is taking into factor that some private schools ask for as much as 3million per annum while some (like CU) ask for around 400-500k per annum).
Anyways judging by the average Nigerian standards, 300,000 NGN is a bit over the edge for an entry-level school fees. Also, you would expect that the salary you earn should be a function of the money you bring to your employer (after all, you are indeed supposed to work for your money). Therefore, for a N300k entry-level salary to be justified, you need to have been an Engineering student or work in an Engineering firm and seeing as there is a lack of good engineering firms in Nigeria (as most engineering work is imported).
There's more:
In the UK for instance, you (as a foreigner) are supposed to earn at least £20,000 before you can secure a work-permit visa. This amounts to about 450,000 NGN per month. while this is more than N300k, you wouldn't be shocked to find out you must have schooled in the UK to secure that work-permit.
Anyways this is my opinion, I would like to hear about yours.

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