Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Ebola Case Diagnosed in the US

The first American case of the deadly Ebola virus which has so far claimed the lives of thousands in West Africa has been diagnosed in Dallas, Texas. The unidentified man, who is being isolated in Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, is suspected to have contracted the Ebola virus from Liberia before flying into the US 2 weeks ago.
According to the CDC prevention director, the Ebola patient left Liberia on the 19th of September and arrived in the US the next day. The man displayed no symptoms at the time but on the 24th of September the Ebola symptoms began. 4 days later, on the 28th of September, he was admitted to A Texas hospital and put into isolation.
Health officials are currently working to identify persons who may have been in contact with he man during his 4 day infectious period. After which they will be put under a 21 day surveillance to ensure they have not also been infected with the Ebola virus.
The CDC prevention director is however confident that the Virus will not spread further as the hospital is fully equipped and prepared for such scenarios.

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