Monday, 13 October 2014

Ex Prostitute campaigns to punish customers

Via digitaljournal
A former prostitute has completed an 800 km walk across France demanding that the government punish men who pay prostitutes for sex. The 57 year old woman identified as Rosen Hicher on a campaign to abolish prostitution, demanding fines up to $1900 dollars for men who pay prostitutes for sex.

She called on lawmakers to wake up and act. She is currently supported by dozens of other former prostitutes who want to see men penalized for paying for sex.

"[Prostitution]is not a right. No one has the right to buy a woman or sell her" - Rosen Hicher 

While countries like Sweden have already adopted laws which seek to punish any men who pay for sex, French critics have expressed fears that such laws will only further drive prostitutes underground. Leaving them vulnerable to abuse and manipulation.

While French laws do not prevent paying or accepting payment for sex (basic prostitution), it is however illegal to be a "middle man" to prostitution. This includes pimps and owners of sex brothels. Underage prostitution is also illegal.

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