Thursday, 9 October 2014

Indiana Dr. kills wife and self less than 24 hours after wedding

54 year old Dr. Greg Samson killed his 50 year old wife, Kelly Ecker Samson, just hours after their wedding. He then committed suicide after fatally shooting his wife.

The killing occurred as a result of a dispute sparked by their pre-nuptial arrangements. According to one report, the Dr told his wife she "would never get her hands on his money" during their wedding g reception.

Two 911 calls were placed by Kelly Ecker Samson during the early hours of Sunday. In one of the calls she is heard pleading for help as her husband is "beating the shit" out of her.
Listen to the 911 call
Call log

Dispatch: “911 what’s the address of your emergency?”
Kelly: “4205 North Creal. Please.
Dispatch: What’s the address?”
Kelly: “4205 North Creal.”
Dispatch: “Ok what’s going on there?”
Kelly: “He’s beating the s*** out of me.”
Dispatch: “Who is?”
Kelly: “My husband.”
Dispatch: Who’s your husband?”
Kelly: “Scott Samson. He’s got guns inside.
Call ends.

Kelly: “Help!”
Dispatch: “What’s the address of your emergency?”
Kelly: “4205 North Creal.”
Dispatch: “Ok 4205…”
Kelly Interrupts…
Kelly: “Oh my God!”
(Multiple shots fired)
Call ends.

The new bride was found in her 10 year old son's room, dead from gunshot wounds to the neck and chest while her husband was found locked in the basement, with one gunshot wound in his head.

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